WSTR Finale XIV: World Series of Team Roping 2019 Live Stream

Watch 2019 World Series of Team Roping Finals live from Las Vegas, Nevada on FloRodeo December 7 to 13!2019 World Series Of Team Roping Finals: RidePass Pro Dec 7-15 · Starts at 08:00 AM. WSTR FINALE XIV 2019 Live Streaming Online Without Cable.

Date Saturday, December 7-15, 2019
Time 08:00 AM Each Day (Eastern Time)
Location Daily in The Priefert Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
Official TV Broadcast FloSports Network
Live Stream Watch LIVE Here


World Series of Team Roping

Watch WSTR Finale Live on RidePass

The new RidePass digital network will stream every round of WSTR Finale XIII LIVE and On-Demand from Daily in The Priefert Arena, December 7th-15th, 2019. With 4,000 competitors vying for over $11 million dollars in prize money, watch athletes from around the nation take their shot at western sport’s richest event of the year.

WSTR Roping Finale Formats:

The WSTR finale will be a four head average with three full go-rounds, and a short round. The top 10% teams in each of the rotations will advance to the short round. In addition to those forty teams, the fastest FOUR teams who miss the cut will also advance.

Finale XI Wrap Up!

What outfit has ever popped out and said their Final or Finale occasion changed into not as much as their expectancies? Well, I’m pretty certain that, through the years, we’re the most effective ones who will admit our warts. But this year we won’t be outlining plenty terrible as this Finale became one of the pinnacle two or 3 activities we’ve ever produced.

American Cowboy Ropings Half-Time Adjustments

We are about halfway through The 2020 RFD TV’s The American Cowboy Roping season and there is good and bad news. As of mid-August 15, 26 teams have qualified for the current pool of $186,000 and ropers have received $75,000 in prepayments. The American Rodeo events all pay $190,000 last year and we are very close to being equal to that with six months to go. Last year prior to the matches around 60 teams were in the hunt for over $700,000.


Qualification Events:

Qualification Ropings



Entries and Entry Disqualification

Up and Back

Qualification Positions Reserved

Qualification Payoffs

Go Round Money in Short Round

Declaring Finale Entry

WSTR Grand Finale:

WSTR Roping Finale Formats


Go Rounds

Finale Entries

Accumulated Earnings


Qualifying For Short Rounds by Rotation

Finale Payoffs

Finale Reruns

Historic Week

As I referred to, the event paid simply below $10.5 million, every other million turned into paid on the WSTR qualification ropings, 1,000,000 to team ropers at the WNFR and by way of all reports, there were over one million greenbacks paid out on the various jackpots in Arizona and Nevada before you arrived.

The Best Team in World Series of Team Roping:

When you take into consideration the management of 4000 horses,1400 steers, 3000 trailers, not to mention 3800 ropers and do it in less than a city block, and make it work without a fistfight, it gets pretty mind-boggling. That doesn’t come easy. Let’s count the ways!









World Series of Team Roping Finale XIV Dates 2019

2019 Finale Schedule of Events, 8 am each day- December 7th -15th

Note: This schedule is based totally on preceding yr & is a concern to alternate based at the variety of Entries.

Open – Saturday, Dec. 7th

14.5 – Sunday, Dec. 8th

13.5 – Sunday, Dec. 8th & Monday, Dec. 9th

12.5 – Monday, Dec 9th & Tuesday, Dec. 10th

11.5, 7 HL Cap – Tuesday, Dec 10th & Wednesday, December 11th

10.5, 6 HL Cap – Thursday, Dec 12th & Friday , Dec 13th

9.5 5.5 HL Cap – Friday, Dec 13th & Saturday Dec 14th

8.5, 4.5 HD or HL Cap – Saturday, Dec 14th & Sunday, Dec 15th

5 WAYS TO JOIN World Series of Team Roping FloSports

1. Online: Click on the link at the bottom of the page.
2. In-Person: If you’re in the area, come to our World Series office and fill out a membership form at our front desk.
3. By Phone: Call WSTR office at (505)898-1755. You can pay with a credit card over the phone.
4. By fax: Download our membership form and indicate CC payment at the bottom and fax to our office at (505)792-3143
5. By Mail: Download our membership form and send a personal check or money order. Address: WSTR 7500 Alamo Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120

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Future Finale Dates:

WSTR Future Finales

2020 = December 5 – 13

2021 = December 4 – 12

2022 = December 3 – 11

2023 = December 9 – 17

2024 = December 7 – 15